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Old Men Playing Cards Part 4

Old Men Playing Cards Part 4: Ritual vs Routine, 2016
Acrylic on wood, glass, metal, plastic
36” x 48” x 5” / 92 x 122 x 12 cm

Old Man Playing Cards Part 4 is the fourth piece in a series of paintings started in 2014. It depicts a group of men playing cards, as they do every day on a stairway in the heart of the neighborhood of Forcella, Naples, south Italy. Two years ago I started observing them every time I would go back to Italy. Eventually, I started documenting them while engaging with their daily practice. I wanted to translate that live experience into a series of works that would examine the ritual surrounding the card game, the social interaction across the older generation and the aspects of community and identity. This fourth panel plays with the 3-dimensional aspect of my brushstrokes, bringing them out of the painting and into sculptural elements that recreate the physical experience of the game and the living men that play it. This hints at the real-world significance as opposed to a 2-dimensional representation of it viewed upon a screen.